The Parma Education Association Foundation is an IRS 501c (3) charitable organization that provides educational scholarships and grants. The following awards are available:

  • MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP - Granted in memory of PEA members who have passed away.  Scholarship recipients must graduate from a Parma City School District high school and must be planning to become a professional educator.
  • UTP SCHOLARSHIP - Granted to children of members of the Parma Education Association
  • SPECIAL EDUCATION SCHOLARSHIP - A scholarship is granted to a special education student in the Parma City Schools to pursue a post high school training or educational opportunity.
  • TEACHER GRANT  - A grant is provided to a member of the Parma Education Association who is pursuing an educational program to advance teaching skills.
  • MATERIALS GRANT  - Provided to PEA members for the purchase of materials that will be used with students in district educational programs.
  • SPECIAL SCHOLARSHIPS  - The PEA Foundation may consider the award of a special scholarship named for an individual or entity based on funds received by the Foundation as part of a special donation or bequest in an amount that will fund the scholarship.  Please contact us to duscuss the details of a special award. 

Applications for the United Teaching Profession scholarship are avaiable at the links and formats below: