Education in Ohio is often under attack. We need to use our opportunities to help elect pro-public education candidates who will put Ohio’s students first.

Endorsements represent the collective work of OEA members, serving on local committees, to screen political candidates (from both parties) on behalf of the Fund for Children and Public Education (FCPE).  Candidates are endorsed based on their recognition and support of public education issues and the OEA.

Your vote, as well as your involvement, will make a difference.

Encourage your friends and family to Vote for OEA Endorsed candidates.


Part of the mission of the Ohio Education Association is advocating for members and the learners they serve. A vital part of this advocacy is involvement in public policy decisions Visit the OEA website and login to learn about current issues affecting public education; the importance of becoming involved; and how to contact your elected representatives to make your voice heard. You may be required to log in to see certain political action content.

PEA can provide a limited number of substitute teachers to members attending lobby days in Columbus as well as reimbursement of the mileage and lunch expense for the day.  Contact the PEA office if you would like to attend as appointments with legislators are necessary as well as coordination of rides and substitutes.  No experience is necessary as OEA provides a short orientation and training session the morning of lobby day prior to meeting with the legislators.


Member Lobby Days

Some of our big issues – such as reducing the amount of student testing and reforming a broken charter school system – are now front and center on the legislative agenda. We need your help in moving these issues forward. Lobby days will be set up during the spring of the year and we encourage you to consider visiting or contacting one of your legislators in Columbus.

Please contact the local President for information regarding possible release time and mileage reimbursement.  A briefing from OEA's lobbyists will begin at 9:00 a.m. in the Media Center at OEA Headquarters (225 East Broad Street, Columbus, 43215).  Parking is available at nearby surface lots, in the parking garage just south of the OEA building or at parking meters located on 5th & Broad Streets.

Please be sure to schedule a meeting with your legislators prior to attending lobby day.  Contact information for members of the House and Senate can be found by going to

For more information on participating in OEA Member Lobby Days, please contact OEA Government Relations at 1-800-282-1500.

Things You Can Do to Save Collective Bargaining for Ohio Public Employees

Public employee collective bargaining rights are still under attack in Ohio, even with the failure of Issue 2.  Here are some things you can do to help preserve these rights:

   1. Encourage your friends and family to Vote for OEA endorsed candidates

   2. Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper near you regarding your profession

   3.  Stay alert and involved in issues that affect public education

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