The Parma Education Association is governed by its Representative Council, comprised of Building Representatives from all teaching levels and locations and the Executive Committee, which is comprised of Association elected officers and the Chairs of the committees.

Association Committees

Audit - This committee audits the PEA Treasurer’s records looking for any discrepancies, overdrafts, etc.  In addition, members work with the Treasurer to determine if any account categories need revision.

Community Relations - The Committee organizes the PEA/PTA Thanksgiving Food Drive and works on other projects to provide PEA’s presence within the community.

Constitution, Resolutions and Goals - This committee interprets and revises the PEA Constitution, By-Laws & Standing Rules.  Any new language for these documents is drafted by this committee and presented to the Executive Committee & Representative Council for approval before a vote by the General Membership.

Elections - The Committee conducts elections for NEOEA/OEA/NEA delegates as well as local PEA elections.  In addition, the committee prepares ballots and tallies and certifies votes of the Membership.

Instructional and Professional Development - This committee solicits ideas for and organizes and develops TEPS courses.  These courses enable members to obtain credit for salary reclassification and professional development at extremely economical costs. 

Local Educators Political Action - All educational decisions are made by persons involved in setting public policy.  All educational decisions are thus political decisions.  An Ad-hoc committee designed to work with the public officials who influence the funding and policies that affect our profession.

Membership - A committee which works to acquaint members with services available to our members.  The committee members, comprised of all building representatives, work together to organize the annual membership drive at the beginning of the year.

Negotiations Planning - Members screen persons interested in becoming voting members of the Negotiations Team.  In addition, this committee is involved in surveying members’ interest in items to be included in the PEA negotiation packages and setting priorities for bargaining. 

Profressional Rights and Responsibilities - Enforces the policies of the PEA/BOE negotiated agreement, initiates investigations into violations of the contract and processes grievances.

The Program Committee plans social events, organizes the Recognition Dinner at the end of the year and hosts Representative Council and Executive Committee meetings. 

Scholarship - Members work with the Program Committee in organizing the Reverse Raffle.  In addition, the Committee also recommends candidates to the PEA Foundation for the award of Foundation scholarships.

Teacher Welfare - This committee conducts programs of interest to teachers, provides recogntion on special teacher days as well as commuincates well wishes to members in a variety of situations.

Most committees meet periodically throughout the year. Contact the President  for additional information or to participate.

Professional Development Units may be earned towards license renewal through involvement in PEA Committees or by serving colleagues as a Building Representative.

Delegates - who represent the interests of the Parma Education Association are elected to serve at the representative assemblies of affiliate organizations of the United Education Profession.  Delegates volunteer their time to carry out their duties at the representative assemblies.


The Parma Education Association is an Ohio Not for Profit Corporation and local elections are governed by the By-Laws of the Association and other locally  established guidelines.  Applicable sections of the Association By-Laws and Election Guidelines are listed below:

Members of the Association are defined in the PEA Constitution:


Section 1.Voting members

Paragraph 1.Any properly certificated person who joins the Association and is under contract to the Parma City Schools or on official leave, must become a voting member of the Association. There shall be only one class of voting members.

Paragraph 2.Members may vote in systemwide elections, general meetings, building elections, and building meetings.

Paragraph 3.Each member shall have one vote.

Paragraph 4.Each member shall be guaranteed the right of secret ballot.

Section 2.Members shall adhere to and abide by the Code of Ethics of the Education Profession.

Section 3.All right, title, and interest, both legal and equitable, of a member in and to the property of the Association, shall end upon the termination of membership.

Persons paying the Fair Share Agency Fee are not members of the Association and have no voting rights.

The Association also conducts elections for delegates to the NEOEA, OEA and NEA Representative Assemblies.  In these elections, the Association follows the guidelines established by the affiliated organizations.  

Committee Resources

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