Election Campaigns

No association funds may be spent directly or indirectly to support a candidate or the campaign for Association office.

Association funds include loans, supplies, and the use of equipment such as copying machines or telephones, or the use of Association staff.

The employer shall not give money to a candidate running for office.

No publication of any kind, which is sponsored or supported by the Association, can make any endorsement or otherwise support any candidate for Association office.  The Association shall publish biographical information about, or statements by the candidates for Association office.

Candidates may access and utilize district mailboxes for the distribution of campaign materials outside of the candidate's work day as set forth in Article VII of the PEA/BOE Agreement. 

Campaign materials may be posted only on the PEA bulletin board of each building and shall be limited to one 8.5"x11" article per candidate.

At candidate's expense, the Association may provide the addressing of pieces to be mailed to Association members.  The candidate must provide mailable pieces meeting US Postal Service mailing requirements – stuffed, sealed, tabbed, etc.

A candidate is not entitled to a mailing list for his/her own use nor the opportunity to make a copy of any membership list in accordance with applicable law. 

No campaign leaflets or signs shall be displayed at the polling place during an election.

Campaign Finances

1.Candidates will report expenses for all mail out and pass out materials and anything identified primarily as a campaign activity.

2.Reporting of expenditures shall begin from the time that the candidate announces his/her candidacy.  Travel expenses shall not be included.  This report, along with a copy of a receipt supporting each expenditure shall be submitted to the Elections Committee within ten (10) school days after the last day of polling.
3.The Elections Committee shall be the arbiter of allegations of violations of elections rules and guidelines.